Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Summer Internship

This summer, Rivers students are embarking on a variety of interesting and challenging adventures, from doing community service abroad to attending prestigious music camps. Throughout the coming months, we will be periodically checking in with a handful of students to learn more about their experiences. Today, we hear from Alexander Post, who is working at the Children’s Hospital this summer through the Rivers science internship program.

Throughout my internship I had so many amazing experiences. I was able to shadow a respiratory therapist and observe an intubation, participate in the PALS (pediatric advanced life support) course with the critical care fellows, follow attending physicians during rounds, learn how to place a central venous line (a special IV), learn how to place a breathing tube and how to properly ventilate a patient, watch a cardiac catheterization (a surgery during which a catheter is threaded through the patient’s vasculature all the way into his heart in order to diagnose or treat a condition), learn about cardiac arrhythmias and treat them using a defibrillator. I also learned about human anatomy, physiology, and medicine through watching and helping run simulations. Everyday was an adventure during which I knew that I would learn something new.

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